An unforgettable gift during an unforgettable year

I’m still in shock that I have a baby!!!  

It’s been a completely surreal moment in my life. Some days it seems like I can’t remember life before him and others I can’t believe I have him! But since he has been in my life, time has completely FLOWN by. I planned on writing his birth story when he was a month old, but I still haven’t and now he’s almost three months old. (I guess with him being born a month early I feel like I’m STILL playing catch up, haha.) So, before I share his birth story (I’ll post it next week!) let’s talk about the other gift a new mom looks forward to receiving… a push present! 

Diamonds Direct push present

Diamonds Direct shopping online

I know some people say the baby is the gift (and of course they are) but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this special moment with some jewelry. You may remember when I picked up a new anniversary band by Henri Daussi at Diamonds Direct 2 years ago. I’ve loved it so much that when it came time to pick out my push present, I knew I wanted it to come from Diamonds Direct too.

Diamonds Direct Virtual Appointments

But with COVID and being pregnant I didn’t want to leave the house and take any chances. Fortunately, not only could I shop online but they also provide their excellent customer service online as well. We used the live video chat feature to speak with one of their experts from the comfort of our home. I knew I was wanting a gold and diamond bracelet but was struggling to find the right piece. Thankfully, with the help from their diamond expert I picked out the perfect one! 

diamonds direct push present
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During one of the craziest, scariest, and most uncertain years of my life I’m thankful to have a reminder of what’s really important. It was the year I became a parent. Which is why I’ll always smile anytime I wear my bracelet. Whether it is on its own or mixed others, I’ll be reminded of my sweet little boy who’s brightened my life. Like the diamond in my bracelet, he’s been the sparkle of my 2020. (Okay that was SUPER cheesy, but also so true!)  

gold bracelet push present

Are you wanting to celebrate a special moment in your life… or looking for something just because? Diamonds Direct is having a Dashing to Diamonds event where you can take 20% off your purchase from November 16th to the 22nd. So, with the holidays coming up be sure to check out their gift guide and find something to make your year sparkle!