camel sweaters, new jeans, and a new body

Fall is *officially* here!! You don’t know how happy it makes me to type that. This time of the year is pure magic for me. And even more special now that I have new family member to enjoy it with! This weekend I’ll be making pumpkin bread and getting out all the fall decor.

Free People camel sweater
Give me allllll the sweaters like this one from Free People.

New mom, new body

One thing that will be different about this fall is my body. I definitely can’t fit into most of the clothes hanging in my closet… and it’s probably going to be awhile until I can. And I’m *trying* to be ok with that! It took 9 months to put it on and it might take that long to lose it. Admittedly I am a bit frustrated that I can’t wear my skinny jeans, but I’m looking at this as an excuse to find some new ones. The first new pair I bought was from Agolde. It’s one of my favorite denim brands! I went with high rise to hide my new mom pooch. (Thankfully this style is now very much in style….. and not low rise jeans!) Click here for more denim ideas.

Also (TMI) now that I’m breastfeeding I have a new appreciation of cardigans. My new uniform would be leggings, a nursing tank top, and a cozy cardigan. And as for the slouchy sweater I’m wearing, it looks cute with leggings too.

Isabel Marant tan sweater

Isabel Marant tan sweater
Isabel Marant Etoile tan sweater

As you can tell I really love camel sweaters like this one from Isabel Marant Etoile. She’s one of my favorite designers. I knew when I saw this sweater from her I would have to have it! Luckily it’s from her lower priced line.

Gold bracelets

Jennifer Zeuner Evil Eye Bracelet
Wearing the Jennifer Zeuner Evil Eye Bracelet

I tend to forget to wear jewelry. I’ve just always been more into clothes! Recently I started getting more into bracelets like this evil eye one I’m wearing. (I don’t really “believe” in it — I just like the way it looks!)

Give me all the sweater dresses

I’ve always loved a sweater dress. And now I really love them because they are much more forgiving in the stomach area — especially the ones above!

The new bag color

I’ve always been a bit of a bag lady and for fall I’m looking for a new tan bag. I love the way that these would look with the camel sweaters I’ve wearing above. Now all I need are matching booties and I’m ready to go out! (Even if it’s only to the grocery store or any errand that takes an hour or less haha.)

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