Recreating my favorite outfit while pregnant + pregnancy friendly summer drinks

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As I enter my third trimester (can you believe it?) finding something to wear is getting harder and harder. Dresses and yoga pants are currently my uniform of choice. And while I really miss wearing jeans, the heat has made it MUCH easier for me to say goodbye to them. And another thing that’s been hard to say bye to is alcohol! Fortunately, I found three pregnancy friendly summer drinks that I love. Keep reading for details…

Graphic tee + ribbed skirt

Recently I’ve been looking back at some of my most popular outfit posts and remembered this one. While I knew there was no way I could fit into the skirt, I figured it would be easy to recreate. I had this ribbed skirt and was pleased to find that it still fit! It’s tight so I would recommend sizing up if you’re pregnant but it’s inexpensive enough to order two sizes!

Last year’s most popular summer outfit…

Anine Bing tee + leopard skirt
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Now about those drinks…

I’ll admit it… I miss my wine… and Negronis! I joke with my husband he’s going to have to sneak one to me after I give birth haha. But I’ve found some non-alcoholic drinks that are keeping me happy and refreshed. While I’ve been pregnant, I’ve kept my caffeine consumption to a minimum. I’ve been sticking with decaf coffee and green tea occasionally. And I’ve also tried to avoid any artificial sugars. All that made finding a drink a little challenging, but I found three kinds that are hitting the spot!

Pregnancy friendly summer drinks

Starbucks Iced Green Tea Lemonade — I order mine unsweetened and I love that it has a small boost of caffeine (the trente size has HALF the caffeine of a cup of coffee.) It’s been my favorite summer drink for years!

San Pellegrino Momenti — This has been my cocktail replacement. It’s so light and refreshing but actually has flavor… and to me tastes a little alcoholic! (It’s probably just my mind playing tricks on me haha.) My favorite flavors are Lemon & Red Raspberry or Pomegranate & Blackcurrant. They are made with no artificial sweeteners and are less than 40 calories per can!

Dunkin’ iced decaf coffee — I’m OBSESSED! In the summer I crave iced coffee so I love that I have this option. I ask for it with cream and sugar but HALF the amount they usually put in it. It hits the spot!