New life, new office

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram over the past couple months you probably noticed some changes around my home. First, it was all new furniture in our bedroom (like this mirror) and then all my try-ons mysteriously moved to my bedroom. Well in case you missed it, I’m actually pregnant so my old office is about to become a nursery! (I now have a white bright small space office.)

Luckily our master bedroom is pretty large and has the perfect nook for an office desk. Eventually I would love to have a desk area built into this space, but until then this shelf holds my mood board and calendar. You can’t go wrong with a crisp white desk

white bright small space office

My favorite little touches are this BOSS tray (which I use more as a sign to show people who’s the boss – haha) and this mountain painting. It’s inexpensive and you’ll never guess where it’s from!
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My old offices…

my office reveal with Desenio
This Farm Rio dress is back in stock. Such a favorite of mine!

For a year now this has been the space I’ve spent most of my time in. Countless try-ons and photoshoots have taken place within these walls, and in four months those will be traded for late night feedings and diaper changes. (I can’t believe I just typed that!) It’s still so crazy for me to realize how much is going to change… but we’ll just save that for another post – haha.

mini office closet

And we can’t forget my original office at our old home. It was much more dark and dramatic. I loved it, especially that black wall. I would still like to incorporate one into my new home but so far our vibe has been light and bright in this house. But never say never, I’m sure we’ll be redecorating it again at some point… because why not!