Wayfair master bathroom remodel

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If you’ve been following me, you know we’ve been hard at work remodeling our home since last year. Ever since we purchased our home, we knew there was a lot we wanted and needed to change. But it wasn’t until we started the renovations that we realized just how much time and effort is involved! So before taking on any other large projects (like a kitchen remodel) we wanted to make more manageable changes that would still offer maximum results. The one place I knew we could achieve that goal was with a Wayfair master bathroom remodel.

New mirrors

Wayfair master bathroom remodel

Simply by removing the original oversized wall mirrors and adding scones, it completely TRANSFORMED the space. But that was just the start. Like I said before, it’s the little things that count so I wanted to focus on details for this remodel. All the traditional looking hardware was changed out and replaced with Kohler Purist hardware along with the matching faucets.

New faucet

Kohler Purist Facet, Kohler Purist soup dispenser
Kohler faucet /// soap dispenser /// tray
Kohler Verdera mirror
Love the look of these sconces. They also have a nightlight feature where the bottom of the fixture glows. It’s so convenient for nighttime runs to the bathroom without having to turn on the lights. It’s pretty genius.
Kohler Verdera mirror
Kohler Verdera mirror makes doing my makeup so much easier! It’s dimmable and reminds me of al luxury hotel bathroom.

Before / After

master bathroom before
The bathroom started out as a matte flat dark grey. I didn’t care for how dark it made the room feel! So, I knew I wanted to brighten it up with Sherwin-Williams Incredible White paint and modern mirrors…
Wayfair master bathroom makeover
master bathroom before picture
Wayfair master bathroom makeover, Kohler mirror

New hardware

Kohler Purist hardware
The new hardware really made a difference! It looks so much fresher and more modern.
during construction
Here’s a look at the remodel process…

Kohler bathroom makeover

I’m so happy with how it turned out! These mirrors make me look forward to doing my hair and makeup. I feel like I’m at a hotel!

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