Coronavirus, my clothing line (my family?!) + under $100 t-shirt dress

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Friends we live in STRANGE times. As I write this, the stock market is tanking along with oil. (Which is bad for my husband.) And I’m just over here wondering if I’ll ever get the fabric for my clothing capsule line!! Wondering what the hold up is? It’s the same thing that’s tanking the market… Coronvirus! I’ll get to that along with several under $100 t-shirt dresses NEXT…

Ok, so one of my possible fabric manufacturers in Japan is shutting down for a bit because of the virus (it’s where the print for my maxi dress is being made) and the fabric for my wrap dress is currently sitting in my mom’s living room in South Korea while she decides if/how/when they will be coming back to the US. She was planning on being here right now but then all hell broke loose.

So right now, like so many people, I feel like I’m in limbo! I’m trying to stay positive and moving on as best I can… like bringing you several under $100 t-shirt dresses!

The Target dress that is breaking the internet…

under $100 t-shirt dress

This dress has been so popular and I can see why. It’s comfortable, cute, and completely affordable. It fits a wide range of sizes, even those of you who are preggo. Plus it comes in several colors so you’ll want to grab more than one. I have it in black and grey!

perfect Target dress

And about these heels… I’m obsessed! So comfortable too. Can’t wait to wear them with jeans.

The Topshop maxi t-shirt dress

Topshop tee shirt dress, under $100 t-shirt dress

A maxi dress that’s a t-shirt dress? Yes and yes. This one has the cutest tie sleeves and a side slit.

tee shirt dress, Golden Goose sneakers

And it comes in a top version too!!

The weekend dress you’ll want to live in.

z supply tee shirt dress

And lastly, I shared this dress a couple weeks ago over on IG but I knew it deserved to be on the blog too. Especially because it comes in two leopard print versions. Which would you pick?