Favorite drink spots in OKC + Mizzen+Main shirt guide

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Today’s post is going to be different… you’ll be hearing a little bit from the man behind the camera. My husband is taking over some of today’s post! Even though he’s rarely seen on the blog, he’s a big part of what makes all this work, so I’m thrilled to share more of him.

Mizzen + Main OKC

A little bit about us, we basically fell in love over food and travel. We’re those people who, while still eating, will be discussing (or Googling) what or where to eat next! And we also happen to be very thirsty. There’s nothing like a good cappuccino (almond or oat milk for me) and craft cocktails (currently a Negroni for me and a margarita made with Mezcal for him) or a bottle of wine. So, for today’s post my husband will be discussing some of his favorite beverages along with styling his latest shirts from Mizzen+Main. He’s become a big fan!

Mizzen and Main bar

The most demanding part of being married to a fulltime blogger is all the photography that is involved. He’s usually coming straight from work to photograph my outfits so wearing clothing that’s both comfortable and work appropriate is a huge plus. That’s been his favorite part of the performance fabric used by Mizzen+Main. At first glance they may appear to be standard fabric, but the four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking abilities of their shirts make them the perfect choice for his on the go lifestyle. He’s able to put in a full day at the office and still be comfortable when he’s hustling around town with me. And in our household, I do the laundry so it’s a big win for me that none of their shirts require dry cleaning or ironing.

Mizzen and Main try on

So, if your man has an equally active life, give Mizzen+Main a try. They’re available online or you can check them out in person at one of their store locations. Here in the Oklahoma City Metro we’re lucky enough to have one in the Classen Curve. And don’t forget, with the holidays just around the corner now’s the perfect time to layer on the comfort for the man in your life.  And use code ALLY25 for 25% off any purchase at the store!  (Excluding the blazer.)

Now without further ado, it’s time for me to pass it off to the hubbie to share a little bit about his favorite drinks…

Mizzen and Main Rockefeller
Mizzen and Main Rockefeller grey

 Coffee has always been very important to me. Growing up with a dad from South America, coffee was something that the whole family drank, even the kids. I still have fond memories of having my little mug of café con leche before school. Fast forward to today and Oklahoma is lucky to have so many wonderful coffee shops around the metro. We love going to Clarity Coffee to pick up a cup after photos and buy our favorite beans from KLLR Coffee Roasters. Pro tip, bring your own container and you’ll get a discount when buying beans!

Mizzen and Main Oklahoma City

While I’m not a huge beer drinker I do like a good dark beer like a Guinness or a Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb! It’s like dessert in a glass… spicy, sweet, and with a hint of coffee. (No wonder I like it.). If you haven’t had it, you can stop by their brewery location downtown in the 8th Street Market building. Just be warned, a little goes a long way so you may want to split it with someone.  

Mizzen and Main STOCKTON
Mizzen and Main STOCKTON White Solid

Back in college I became obsessed with mixology and making my own craft cocktails but these days I usually leave it to the professionals. Just like our coffee scene, OKC is lucky to have an ever-growing list of venues that serve sophisticated drinks. Among my favorite spots are Ludivine (especially their new location), Bar Arbolada, Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails in Paseo, and Ponyboy. I don’t really have a favorite cocktail per say but I’ve been really enjoying the smoky notes of mezcal margaritas. But if I’m just sipping on something, I’m a big fan of Laird’s Apple Jack. It makes a great spin on the old fashion for fall.

Mizzen and Main Proctor plaid 2
Mizzen and Main Proctor plaid
Speaking of fall, how perfect is this shirt for fall?

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