faux leather leggings you need this fall (it’s not what you think!)

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I have mixed feelings about leggings. While I love them they can also make me feel a bit sloppy. On a typical day I’ll throw on my favorite pair of yoga pants (aka leggings) and spend most of the day in front of my computer until I finally get around to working out. And even though they are CUTE, leggings still make me feel like I need to get “dressed.” Even when it comes to faux leather leggings I kind of feel the same way. Like these Spanx leggings that I’ve worn in the past feel like nothing more than glorified yoga pants (but I do love them!)… until now. I’ve finally discovered a new pair of faux leather leggings that look like real leather!

the best faux leather leggings

Commando faux leather leggings review

Commando faux leather leggings have the perfect texture, sheen, and fit… but at first you’re not going to like them. Stay with me. These leggings are TIGHT and that’s a good thing because they will instantly make it look like you lost 5 pounds. And after a couple wears they’ll form to the shape of your body. They actually have an internal waistband that will suck you in. (And if that doesn’t sell them, I don’t know what will!) I would describe these leggings as a worthwhile option for going out. They are a luxe looking pair while I find the Spanx version to be more of a casual weekend piece. So to show them off I’ve created 3 outfits of my new favorite faux leather leggings!

cashmere wrap sweater, black faux leather leggings, studded combat boots
studded black combat boots

I styled two of the outfits with these studded boots because they just pair together perfectly! They have been the most popular pair of boots I’ve EVER posted. And they come in three colors! I just love the look of leggings with combat boots…

studded combat boots, gold headband, Chanel Boy bag
Gold headband, gold Chanel Boy bag

For this outfit I added this gold headband. I’m all about contradiction and I love the sweetness of the headband with the hardness of these studded boots. It made for one of my favorite outfits this season!

Chanel chain Boy bag, leather leggings
faux leather leggings that look like real leather
These faux leather leggings that look like real leather!

You can’t go wrong with a slouchy sweater + legging combo. And if you’ve been following me on Instagram you know this sweater is already a favorite of mine. It’s available in 5 colors. And if you want to wear it as a dress, buy a bigger size. #styletip (See another way I styled it here!)

best faux leather leggings, Golden Goose sneakers

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