Emsculpt, the flood, clothing manufacturing, and the sale that ends tomorrow

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After having a crazy couple weeks I thought it would be fun to do a more personal post. I’m sharing (a traumatic) home update, the body sculpting treatment I’m doing, the sale you’ll want to shop, and a clothing line update…

Manufacturing problems

Would you pay more money if your clothing was made in the US? Do you care if it’s sustainable? (See here for what I’m talking about!) Finding a manufacturer that fits all the boxes has been difficult for me. I had one but that fell through so the search continues. But feel free to email/DM me about what you look for when it comes to a clothing line… or what you CAN’T find.

Trying out Emsculpt

I love being a beauty guinea pig. When there’s a newt treatment, I want to try it! And I had heard about Emsculpt when I was at SXSW this year and was curious to see if it really worked. (See the video here.) I’ve been going to Pure Derma and I can’t wait to share the result. If you want to try it too be sure to tell them I sent you and use the code “EmsculptAlly” for 25% off!

The flood incident

We’ve started our first room remodel… and let’s just say the dam broke. LITERALLY! Adding a bathtub to Gran’s bathroom was our first priority as was redoing the old plumbing. After ripping it out (along with some foundation) we were left with a hole that exposed an exterior wall to the outside. So after a freak rainstorm we woke up at 3:45am to a flood of water. But we were so lucky that we woke up! And after 2+ hours of carrying buckets of water out of the bathroom “pond” and out the front door, we survived! Plus, finding a the plumber’s pump helped a ton too. It was one of the craziest things that’s ever happened to me! I feel for people who’s homes have flooded. I can’t even imagine…

cheers with a negroni

The HUGE sale that ends tomorrow!

Shopbop continues to be one of my favorite retailers and their fall sale is one of the best. It’s where you go to get cozy cashmere sweaters and your favorite designers on sale. (Brands like Alexander Wang, Vince, rag & bone, Ulla Johnson, Anine Bing, Veronica Beard, and more.) Like the outfit above!