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With the sun setting earlier and earlier each day, it’s easy to start feeling a little blah. I LOVE this time of year but don’t love losing sunshine. So I decided to do a little research on the best workout to boost your mood. We all know that with as little as 10 minutes of exercising you can boost your mood but do you know which kind works the best?

black corduroy jumpsuit
This black corduroy jumpsuit has such a great fit. I’m wearing the XS for reference. (And it was designed by a blogger — love that!)

I thought for sure it was something aerobic like going on a walk or run, but turns out the latest research says that may not be the case. Recent studies are indicating that anaerobic activities (weight lifting, Plyometrics, HIIT) might be even more beneficial for your mood. Which reminded me of something that happened when we were moving.

During our recent move we had the WORST movers ever. (Like so bad.) So I found myself doing quite a bit of the moving myself. And strangely enough, I noticed that I LIKED the feeling of lifting heavy stuff. And coming from a cardio lover, that is a very weird thing to say. So after the move I actually started incorporating more weights into my workout. And now I kind of love it. So if you feel the blahs sneaking up on you, you might try some weight training. (I just ordered these!)

Black corduroy jumpsuit

black corduroy jumpsuit, best workout to boost your mood

And about this outfit, I borrowed it from Lauren during our trip to NYC… and I didn’t want to take it off. I’m OBSESSED with this black corduroy jumpsuit! It has the cutest puff sleeves and such a great fit.

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