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I’ll be honest, I really didn’t know anything about Montauk before I went there. I knew it was by the Hamptons. I knew it was where they met in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. (And now I understand why they were on the train for so long.) But really that was all I knew about Montauk. But now I get it. I get why people take that crazy long train ride (or drive) to “the end of the world.” And to share why I’m posting this Montauk Travel Guide!

Montauk to me feels like a luxury fishing village. All the comforts of NYC (amazing food, yoga, coffee shops, cocktail spots) but in a little town by the sea. And it has this sleepy town quality that is just so quaint. It makes you want to return.

How to get to Montauk

There are several ways. You can take a helicopter (I wish) or drive. And if you don’t have a car (like we didn’t) you have to take the Long Island Railroad. There’s also the Jitney (a bus that goes to the Hamptons) but you can only take one suitcase… and we were WELL over that limit.

Where to stay in Montauk

There are several hotels but I would recommend The Breakers (where we stayed or Guerney’s if you want more of a resort like hotel. And Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyers look like they have the best party scene if that’s what you’re looking for. Scroll down for info on all of them…

The Breakers Montauk

We ended up staying at The Breakers which I would describe as a cute little boutique type hotel. It’s like a vintage motel but with new hipster decor. Our room was one of the cottages which was larger and had its own little kitchen area and a fold out bed. (Which was enough space for 3 people.) And the location is great because it’s just down the street from the town. So it’s an easy walk to the local coffee shops and cafes.

Favorite outfit from the trip? Probably this dress.
The rooms are white and bright.
There’s a little cafe on site or the town is a short walk.
(Style note — this dress is almost 50% off!)


Looking for a place to stay with all the amenities of a hotel? Then check out Gurney’s. It’s Montauk’s only ocean front resort and there’s a Scarpetta there. Need I say more?

And you can pose for pretty pics like this one.

Surf Lodge

Definitely one of the best party scenes has to be at The Surf Lodge. (John Legend had a private concert there the night we got in.) Go for the people watching, the view, and the music. (And there’s a hotel there too.)


The best way I can describe Ruschmeyers would be if Wes Anderson opened up a hotel. Being there is like being a character in one of his films! I would love to go back with a big group of friends and rent out a bunch of rooms for the weekend. It’s like a camp for adults… but with an insanely good party vibe. We had dinner there and the food was just ok BUT I want to go back for the late night scene.

Now let’s talk FOOD! Starting with Montauk’s best lobster roll…

Having lunch at a place called “Lunch” is pretty meta, but it was also damn good… because… it’s home to the BEST LOBSTER ROLL IN MONTAUK! Or at least that’s what I thought. It’s not fancy but it’s sooooo good and happens to be the place where Showtime’s “The Affair” is filmed. It’s must in Montauk.

Best lobster roll in Montauk!

Navy Beach

Dinner our first night in Montauk was at Navy Beach. The view of the water was just what we wanted to kick off our trip! I would highly suggest it as a place to watch the sunset.

The tuna doesn’t look like much but it was so good!

Duryea’s Lobster Deck

While I have to admit the lobster roll at Duryea’s wasn’t my favorite, absolutely EVERYTHING else was. Especially their salad. I’m not one to love a salad… but it was probably one of the freshest and most delicious salads I’ve ever had. I’m craving it right now! Also get there early so you can watch the yachts come in for lunch.

Best place to rosé all day!

Coffee + Flowers

There were so many cool pop ups from NYC all around Montuak. We wanted to go to all of them but only got to check out this cute coffee shop/flower shop. It was like Instagram heaven.

Click here for sweater details.

Other things to mention: we only had appetizers at the Crow’s Nest but I highly suggest it also there are so many cute shops + breakfast spots along Montauk Highway — just take a morning or afternoon to walk and check them out.

Before our Montauk getaway we were in NYC! Don’t miss all the details here. Have you been to Montauk before? If you’re planning a trip I hope this Montauk travel guide helps and reach out to me with any questions!