summer tie top + what I’m excited for this weekend

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We reached the point of summer where it’s always hot. And I understand why they call it the lazy days of summer — because all this heat makes you want to do absolutely nothing. It’s too hot to even move!! And since I got home from NYC I have been living like a complete hermit. With the heat I don’t want to even leave my house! But after a stir crazy couple of days, I just wanted to put on jeans (even thought they were sticking to me haha), a cute yellow wrap top and get the heck out of my house.

yellow wrap top

I wore this cheerful and sunny yellow top. It comes in 2 other colors and is UNDER $55! It’s like the epitome of summer. And if I look extra glowy in these photos, it’s probably because it was 99 degrees when we took these pictures! (And I use this face self tanner.) So even though it was really hot I was just dying to wear jeans… like I always say, I’m really a jeans and tee kind of girl at heart.

why I’m excited about this weekend…

And as for what I’m excited about… my Mom and step-dad will be here this weekend! If you don’t know, they live in South Korea! So when they visit it’s a big deal. And we’ll be celebrating my birthday AND my mom’s birthday, along with all the holiday’s we’ve missed since we saw them last. (My mom will be making my FAVORITE cake for my birthday — strawberry cake with strawberry icing.) I… can’t… wait!

yellow side tie top

This top is under $55 and comes in the colors below!

yellow wrap top

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