best jeans under $70 + why I’ve been hiding from Instagram Stories

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I feel like I’ve been lying to you guys this week. (But before I tell you why be sure you scroll down for the best jeans under $70!) I’ve been hiding from you… literally. I’ve tried a new little procedure and it’s left me… well… swollen. No I didn’t have surgery or anything like that just being a guinea pig for you guys and trying the latest new thing! So I’ll report back as soon as I decide what I think and I’ll be talking about it more on Instagram Stories so be sure you’re following me over there!

best fitting mom jeans
These aren’t yo momma’s jeans… these are actually flattering.

So about these jeans… I’m a bit obsessed with STS Blue denim! The fit and quality will have you thinking these are $100+ jeans. Below I’m sharing 3 styles that are essential for going into summer, starting with… mom jeans. But these aren’t your typical mom jeans, these fit PERFECTLY.

best mom jeans…

best fitting mom jeans
So many compliments on these jeans!

best light wash denim…

light wash jeans with ripped hem
Love the hem of these jeans and the color…
light wash jeans for summer
…. and they are the first light wash jeans that look good in the back too!

best denim shorts for summer…

summer cut off shorts
And don’t forget the shorts! I’ll be living in this pair this summer.