Self-care + advice to my younger self

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To be honest with you, in the past I’ve always thought of the term self-care as a bit hokey or hippy. But the older I get the more I realize it’s really important. Self-care isn’t just about having a massage or going to the occasional yoga class — it’s about being proactive when taking care of yourself. It means looking out for yourself so you can be the best version of you. It’s the biggest gift you can give yourself, and like most of you, it’s something I didn’t always do fully in the past.

high school
Even though way back in high school when everyone had a pretty tan, I wore sunscreen MOST of the time. But peer pressure would sneak in and I would want a tan like all my friends. (See below!) And when prom rolled around so many of my friends had tans except for me. And I remember feeling blah and wishing I was glowing like them. But now I thank that girl, because my skin is thanking me today.

Let’s go back to high school and college. We all made mistakes – it’s how we learn! And what I learned… take care of yourself. Trust your gut. Don’t do what you THINK others want from you. Do what YOU know is in your heart. Which now that I think about it… doesn’t that sound like caring for yourself… ie. self-care!?

When I think about that term now, it takes on a whole new meaning. Ways I’ve learned to practice it include eating well, getting enough sleep, surrounding yourself with people who love you, and getting rid of the bad stuff. It could be people or things, but just remember, you don’t have time for any of the negative noise. LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

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Self care is LOVE /// Sunscreen is the ULTIMATE form of self-care and I love this formula. Olay Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control SPF 35 It’s not greasy or oily and it goes on like a primer to keep you shine-free throughout the day.

Now that I’m older and more confident, I can make the choices that I know are the best for me. And that starts every morning, as I decide how to begin my day. I can wake up and dread mornings, or I can be excited for them. And today I choose excitement. I choose to take the steps that I’ll benefit from for the rest of my life. Like doing something active every day, eating healthfully, and always wearing sunscreen Olay Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control SPF 35!

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Starting today take steps towards your self-care. Wear sunscreen, ditch the negative, and make your days about being the best YOU!