you can now wear track pants to work… really!

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Outfit planning when you work in an office can be boring. (Remember, I wasn’t always full time blogging, I used to work in an office for YEARS). Luckily it was pretty casual when it came to clothing, except we could only wear jeans on Friday. So most of the time I try to find pants that FELT like jeans. (Like these sateen pants… I wore some just like it!)

you read that right…you can now wear track pants to work!

But you know what’s even better than wearing jeans to work? How about track pants! With the trend of athleisure comes the return of track pants. And surprising they are so very wearable… even for the office! I came across floral varsity striped pants for 40% off and loved them the second I put them on. They are completely comfortable, cute, and surprisingly stylish.

track pants for work
cute pants for work,  floral print track pants

There’s a new sneaker in town

You all know how I love my GG’s, well there’s another brand that is just as cute. (And about half the price!) P448 makes beautiful Italian leather sneakers with animal prints, glitter, and metallics. They have the same vibe as GG’s but without that worn out look that I know some of you dislike. If you’re on the look for stylish sneakers give them a try!

P448 sneakers, track pants
P448 makes so many stylish sneakers…. click below to shop more!
P448 white gold sneakers, green floral track pants
More work friendly track pants below! Have you worn track pants to work before??
 floral print track pants, P448 shoes