life update, pleated spring skirt, and new hair

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We’re in that weird in between stage when it comes to the weather… and our life as well. Personally I’m still in the middle of buying and selling a home. The past couple weeks have been all about inspections, or at least *trying* to get them done. Every day is something different and our crazy Oklahoma weather never helps. (Last week it was 11 degrees during one of our inspections which made it impossible to check the plumbing.) And currently we’re waiting for the rain to stop so that we can finish another inspection. Did I mention there’s 100% chance of rain for the next THREE days?

styling a pleated skirt for going into spring

outfit idea for going into spring

Spring is a little like my life right now… an unpredictable waiting game. And if you’re like me, you’re just ready to get on with it! So since it’s probably still cold where you are but you’re sick of winter clothing, here’s an outfit that will keep you warm but will look like spring.

stying a skirt for going into spring

pleated spring skirt two ways

This pink pleated spring skirt can be styled so many ways. I’m showing it with a sweater and turtleneck bodysuit but when the temperatures rise just add a tee or tank. You really can wear it so many different ways!

stripe pleated skirt for spring

new hair, don’t care

And I MUST thank you all for all the sweet DM’s about my new cut. I’m loving my new shorter hair which is funny because the last time I cut it I immediately wanted it long again! But I’m not feeling that way right now, I’m actually embracing change… with my hair and hopefully my home!

pink pleated skirt
This sweater was such a splurge but Vince sweaters are just made to last. I have several sweaters from the brand that are 10+ years old and I still wear them!
styling a pleated skirt 2 ways
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