Nourish Foods review + discount code + giveaway!

Being a foodie can dangerous for my diet. Not that I’m on a diet… I just prefer to eat a certain way! Eating healthfully IS a lifestyle choice. And honestly, I just feel better when I do. But that doesn’t mean my menu has to be boring. That’s where Nourish Foods comes in…

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I heard about Nourish Foods from the darling Lindsey of Life Lutzurious. She’s a crazy busy mama who always looks amazing and constantly has me asking, “how does she do it?!” When it comes to meals she said she relies on Nourish. And after trying it out, I know why! Their perfectly portioned southern comfort style food is delicious, foodie friendly, and comes in different plans to fit your needs.

For example, some days I prefer to eat plant based but I live with two carnivores who love beef. (Both my husband and Gran still find it weird that I don’t like steak or burgers, haha.) With Nourish Foods we can all eat what we want with individual, couples, or family size portions. Our favorites are the stuffed sweet potatoes, almond fried chicken, and meatballs with zoodles. (And my vegetarian favorite is the coconut curry farro!)

Nourish Foods review

Here’s a look at some of their already cooked and ready to go meals — Bang Bang Shrimp with Sriracha Cream + Sesame Veggies, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, and the Bean Burger was AMAZING. So filling too!

Nourish Foods family style servings
On weeknights we prefer the family style portions. It makes dinner so easy and we’re not stressed with thinking about what to cook!

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Good luck!!! And let me know if you’ve tried Nourish Foods or have questions. Just leave a comment or DM me!