FlexiSpot review + GIVEAWAY

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My health journey has been a long one. Losing weight and getting in shape is not about dieting — it’s a LIFESTYLE change. And mine has been years in the making. (And one I currently maintain with my FlexiSpot!) 

In college I gained the (sadly typical) Freshman 15 and from there my 20s were mainly too much sugar, vino, and not enough veggies and working out. While I’ve never been a big fast food eater, it was more about oversized portions, sugar, and going out for drinks way too often.

diet changes

At first it was all about small changes. For example, when I was working in an office I started bringing my lunch every day. I also started signing up for classes 3 times a week at Barre3 — since I was paying it forced me to show up! And lastly, I had to cut back on sugar. I have the WORST SWEET TOOTH… as does my mom… and my grandma. We just love sugar.

Instead of having dessert after dinner (and sometimes lunch) I would have something small and sweet. No more cookies or processed food! I might have a small serving of low calorie cereal, or a piece of dark chocolate. Currently my favorite dessert is a rice cake with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. Or I love medjool dates because they are super sweet and satisfying. Over all making better food choices was easy for me, but the cutting back on sugar took time. Now I no longer crave it like a used to and prefer foods that are naturally sweet over baked goods.

using my FlexiSpot bike
This picture was taken back in back in October when I first got it. I’ve been using it ever since!

my workouts

FlexiSpot Exercise Bike With Desk is truly a game-changer and I can’t recommend it enough! 

As for my workouts, I prefer to mix it up. I mix cardio with light weights or exercises that use my own body weight like yoga or pilates. And I love using my FlexiSpot… I’M USING IT RIGHT NOW! Seriously as I write this I’m petaling away. And instead of sitting on my bum, I’ll burn several hundred calories while I work… or watch Bravo… or YouTube. I’ve found it SO HELPFUL on those days where I have too much work and can’t get a workout in. It can also be used as a stand up desk for when I’ve done enough pedaling and need to work but don’t want to sit.

review of the FlexiSpot bike

FlexiSpot Exercise Bike With Desk giveaway!!!

That’s why today over on Instagram I’m soooooooo excited to give one away!!!

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