fuzzy blue sweater + Disco Nap

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Admittedly growing up in Oklahoma was… well.. a little boring. But as you may have noticed on my Instagram, new places and restaurants popping up on my feed. It’s amazing how many new, cute, and totally Instagram spots are all over the city. Almost every week we’re trying out a new area, bar, brewery, macaron shop, or shopping area. OKC is truly blowing up, and dare I say, cool?

Most recently we discovered West Village Apartments after having dinner at The Jones Assembly. The first thing that caught my eye was the bright blue sign that says DISCO NAP. It’s funny because that’s a phrase I have always used and would have to explain to people. I just love the term, and it’s probably because I just love a good party.

If you’re in OKC and are looking for a stylish place to live (or a cool place to take Instagram pics) you should check out West Village! There’s this really amazing 2 story tall bookshelf and more neon signs. They were so generous to let us shoot and I so appreciate it… aaaaand admittedly will probably be back soon to take more haha!

And about this outfit…

With the weather being so cold, I just love a fuzzy sweater. And this blue fuzzy sweater is so different. I just love it! If blue isn’t your thing it comes in white and pink too. And these suede knee high boots I’m wearing are waaaaaay marked down. Like 70% off marked down. Scroll below for all the info!

Disco Nap sign Oklahoma City, blue fuzzy sweater, leather skirt

This fuzzy sweater is unbelievable cozy! (And under $90 — also in comes in all the colors below.)

Disco Nap neon sign, fuzzy sweater, leather skirt, suede boots

Theses slouchy suede knee high boots are favorite of mine… I actually have 2 pairs! And I can’t believe the price… they were $228 but are now $89! (Over 70% off!!) Get them now before they sell out… and they will!

fuzzy sweater, blue fuzzy sweater, Gucci belt bag, leather skirt