cute tie front pants

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It’It’s been a couple years now since I worked in an office. Luckily it was a pretty casual environment, so I didn’t have to wear a suit or anything too dressy. I mostly wore black pants (and black jeans that I pretended were pants), paired with cute tops or sweaters. Now that I work from home, I’m almost always wearing jeans or yoga pants, but I know that’s not the case for most of you. So, I’m excited when I can share office outfit ideas that aren’t boring. (And ones that you would even enjoy wearing outside the office!)

cute tie front pants

Tie front pants are just the cutest! You can pair them simply with a plain top and you’re good to go. There’s no need to pile on accessories because you’ve already got a built-in belt. It’s basically business in the back and a party in the front… and now that I think about it, these pants would also be cute at a party with a silk lace cami. Isn’t if funny that when us girls get dressed up it usually means LESS clothing, but when guys do they put on MORE clothing?!? Makes perfect sense, right? (NOPE.)

tie front plaid pants white booties
grey tie front pants cable knit sweater white bootie Allyson in Wonderland
I’ll be honest, this sweater was a total splurge but I’m just obsessed with this designer! I mean, look at the cut of the sleeve… such a beautiful piece. See the other Anine Bing piece I’m in love with here.
Anine Bing sweater Allyson in Wonderland

Below are some more cute tie front pant options… I’m completely lusting over that leather pair! But there are several under $100 options that are just as adorable and will perk up any boring office outfit. Which would you pick?

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