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The keyword for winter is cozy. And it’s because there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in something warm and soft in the wintertime. And because of that you’ll want to give gifts that make your friends and family feel the same way.

I’ve already created a guide in my Holiday Shop (along with best selling gifts, makeup + beauty, home + host gifts, and some ideas for the guys.) But to further expand on the cozy theme I’ve got a couple more gift picks to add!

And for a fun surprise I’ve joined several other blogger babes to give away TWO pairs of Uggs and TWO Abercombie & Fitch fleeces. (That’s right, in case you missed it Abercombie has rebranded and actually has some cute things.  Like this button back sweater or cute holiday romper.)

Enter it here!

cozy gifts to give or get

And about where this photo was taken… I’m loving our little cozy patio! It’s been a project I had to stop because of the cold weather but at least this fire pit is allowing us to enjoy it a little longer.  As for the decor, this rug can be indoor/outdoor, I’m already loving these chairs, and this Christmas tree is part of a set that would also look really good on a porch or mantel. As soon as it warms up I can’t wait to finish it!

And let’s get back to cozy gift guide — looking for some more gift ideas, check them out below!

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