how to dress like a Kardashian… in a good way

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This is something I NEVER thought I would write about on AiW. I’m not exactly a huge Kardashian fan but what I will say is that they are marketing geniuses. And while Kim Kardashian has worn some WEIRD (and hideous) fashion choices there is one thing she does that makes her always stylish. One word… monochromatic. I know I have preached about why I love all things monochromatic and well…I’m going to do it again! So today I’m going to share how to dress like a Kardashian… in a good way by sharing this tan monochromatic fashion blogger outfit.

monochromatic fashion blogger outfit, tan outfit

tan monochromatic fashion blogger outfit

If you ever find yourself skimming through Pinterest you’ll probably see a girl wearing an outfit like this. It’s because this classic camel coat with matching ribbed top and skirt is timeless. A matching ensemble always looks expensive so even though this top and skirt are both under $100 they look much pricier.

chamel coat with matching outfit 1

how to dress like a Kardashian… in a good way

Want more monochromatic looks? This is one of my most popular posts, and I’ve been wearing this sweater nonstop.

tan monochromatic outfit, vintage Gucci bag, dress like a Kardashian

(Style note — this matching set is selling out quickly! The top and skirt are available but keep selling out. Try here for the top too.)

tan monochromatic off the shoulder top with matching skirt, dress like a Kardashian

monochromatic tan ribbed knit outfit 1

So even if you’re not a Kardashian fan you can see why a look like this is always fashionable. A camel coat is a must-have (I’ve had this one for several years) and as for this bag it was my mom’s! And these booties really do go with everything. I even wore them with black pants yesterday on Instagram. (And btw those jeans are on sale! Remember you can shop all my outfits above where it says “shop my Instagram”.)

ribbed knit tan outfit

I hope this outfit inspires you to dress like a Kardashian… but in a good way, haha. And I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!