the skirt I can’t stop wearing

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This week pretty much kicks off the holiday season. For the next almost month and a half you’ll be going to events, planning dinners, and enjoying time with those you love. That’s why this is the most important time of the year.  And for me, the most fashionable.

So I’ll be bringing you tons of festive outfits over the next couple weeks, along with gift guides, and even entertaining ideas. (Although I’m not going to lie, my husband will be doing the cooking.) And I would love to know what you want to see too!  Just click the little envelope at the top right or leave a comment! But before I completely overwhelm you with Christmas cheer, I want to share with you my latest obsession…

You might have noticed that I’ve kind of gone overboard in the silk department lately. First I bought this outfit and now this skirt! Soon I’ll be doing a post about how easy it is to style a silk spaghetti strap dress but for today let’s focus on the skirt…

oversized sweater with silk skirt 

I know fashion bloggers say they are obsessed with something constantly… but I’m REALLY OBSESSED with this skirt! I’m already worn it twice… and I’ve only had it a week! It looks cute with sneakers, booties, heels, you name it. And this sweater is the softest little fuzzy ball. I compare it to wearing a kitten. (But in a much less creepy way, haha.) It’s so soft and so very fuzzy. And it comes in light blue too.

coffee, blush fuzzy sweater with black silk skirt

fuzzy blush sweater

Since this outfit is on the pricer side I wanted to share an under $125 version with you too! You can get the same look but for much less. Looks pretty close too!