boots you’ll want for going into winter (and how to style them)

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With Halloween being over, the great pumpkin debate has just started at my house. Do we take them down or wait till Thanksgiving? Growing up we always would wait until after Thanksgiving, but this year since we’re not doing any more travel (last year we were in Hawaii for Thanksgiving and Santa Fe for Christmas) I want to go ahead and start working on my Christmas decor. Specifically, getting more of it!

To enjoy the best of both worlds, I’ve decided that outside my house there will be pumpkins and inside we will be rocking with Christmas spirit. And since I’m already planning ahead I want to share with you all a trend you’ll want for going into winter… shearling boots.

how to style shearling boots

The phrase “shearling boots” probably makes you automatically think of Uggs. Well it won’t anymore, because this seasons shearling boots are much more stylish. And a little bit like a combat boot. You might remember seeing these boots when I was in Germany. (They fit in perfectly at Oktoberfest!) Personally, I think they look best when tucked into jeans so you can show them off. They come in 3 colors and if you want even more shearling, then check out this version.

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How would you style this pair of black shearling boots?

must have shearling combat boots styling shearling combat boots

Btw this sweater is such a steal and comes in the three colors below. I’ve also worn it with these plaid pants over on Instagram.

I would love to take these black shearling boots somewhere with snow but we’ll have to see. After our last crazy long trip I’m excited to stay home for a bit to recharge and work on redoing our home. Be sure to follow along on Instagram Stories to see what we’re changing now!

It’s a constant work in progress…