Golden Goose Sneakers (what they are + how to get the look for less)

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Go to the source and order from Italy at the italist! You can get great sales on Golden Goose sneakers – regularly for $400 or sign up for their newsletter and get an additional 30% off!

Neiman Marcus has been carrying more GG options lately and it’s always a great place to shop stateside if you’re worried about importing from overseas (but don’t be).

Golden Golden sneakers… either you love them or hate them. And most of you (according to my Instagram Store poll results) are split down the middle.  If you’ve never heard of them, basically they are a “designer” shoe brand that is known for sneakers that look already worn.  Yes you read that right… they are sneakers with a designer price tag that look worn out.  If you think that sounds crazy, just stay with me for a sec and let me explain why Golden Goose Sneakers are so expensive.

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Why are Golden Goose Sneakers so expensive?

Think about the reason distressed denim is so expensive and that’s why these sneakers are. And the fact that they are hand finished by Italian craftsman. Each pair is truly unique!

Golden Goose metallic sneakers, ebay finds

Why I love Golden Goose Sneakers

I’m going to be COMPLETELY honest with you right now. Before going on our Europe trip I was wanting a new pair of sneakers since I knew we would be walking a lot. I had my eye on this pair of Fendi sneakers and these by Gucci. But because both of them are solid white I KNEW I would scuff them up the second I put them on.

Since I love my other pair (the pair without the leopard were my first pair) I thought I’ll just sell them and get another pair of GG. And because they come “worn out” looking, they looked exactly the same when I sold them as when I bought them.  So there you go.  There’s my logic!


leopard Golden Goose sneakers

As you now know, these designer sneakers come with a designer price tag. BUT there are many ways to get the look of Golden Goose without the price tag.  First up, check out eBay.  They have so many great deals!  Also scroll down to check out some other brands that are doing similar designs — but without the $400+ price tag. Like these Steven Maddens


Also be sure to check out Italist!  They have amazing deals on GG too!

So do you like Golden Goose? Do you think they are worth it? Let me know!

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