seeing red in Paris

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The title of this post might be confusing… no I was never angry in Paris. I couldn’t be… I simply LOVE PARIS! This was our second trip to Paris together and I left wanting to return immediately. My husband jokes that I’m annoying in Paris because I just keep saying, “isn’t this nice” while beaming from cheek to cheek.

I just find it to be one of the most stylish cities in the world. Which was why I was SO excited to be at Paris Fashion Week for the first time. While I didn’t attend any shows I had a couple meetings and attended several Revolve and FORWARD parties. I felt like this trip was one for me to really step out of my comfort zone and just go for some daring fashion looks. Being at home, I feel like I have to tone down my style sometimes. And I hate that feeling.  So later I’ll share with you the look that was completely DIFFERENT than anything you’ve ever seen me wear… but for today let’s get back to the red I mentioned.

one shoulder red top, Plaza Athénée Paris

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wearing red in front of Plaza Athénée

wearing red in front of Plaza Athénée

This one shoulder top has a fitted shape that perfectly hugs your body.  (NOTE — it does run SMALL.  I’m wearing the size small for reference.) It perfectly pairs with jeans or a skirt plus I would love to see it with a pair of plaid pants too.  I’m really into plaid right now, but that’s a whole different post.

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For now, I’m wearing it with these black jeans that I wore several times in Paris. They do not stretch but still have an amazing fit. They definitely have been a new favorite of mine. And as far as where this was taken, it’s outside the gorgeous Hotel Plaza Athénée. We didn’t stay there but maybe someday…