Lessons to learn from the French

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I love Paris. I love the buildings, the culture, the pastries, and of course, the fashion. I really think it must be the most fashionable city in the world. Everyone just looks so elegant. It’s true what they say about Paris, it really just has that je ne sais quoi.

When I travel I tend to be on the quiet side. I just want to shut up and soak everything up about a place. So while we were in Paris I wanted to share some of the little things I observed… and how we all can benefit from a different perspective.

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Put DOWN your phone (Paris café culture)

One of the first things I IMMEDIATELY noticed while in Paris (and Germany too) was the lack of people on their cell phones. If you’re in the states and you go to a restaurant, doctors office, grocery store, etc., and look around you’ll see people on their cell phones. (Which I’m especially guilty of!) But it amazed me how I barely saw anyone on their cell phones. Cafes would be full of people and not a single person would be on their phone. They weren’t even out on the tables. And this was in the middle of the day, not at night. Instead it was filled with people enjoying each other’s company and any patrons by themselves would be reading a book, paper, or just observing those around them. (What I call “people watching” and is also my favorite!)

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French fashion tip… wear more scarves

The ultimate French fashion tip… add a scarf. Scarves must be the official accessory of France. They are everywhere! Especially silk scarves. I’ve always wanted a classic Hermes scarf and I might just have to buy one. (Btw The Real Real has a ton!)

French omelettes are the best (and the pastries too!)

And the key to both is butter, butter, and more butter. My husband has nailed the recipe! Beside butter you need emmental cheese, ham slices, and did I mention butter? It’s become one of our favorite easy dinner ideas along with some toasted bread and fig jelly. We had the BEST fig French toast while we were there and since then I want figs on everything.

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