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I had this vision of myself walking around Paris in a leopard jacket and sheer skirt.  Why this is strange isn’t the fact that I’m basically walking around half naked… it’s because it involves me wearing leopard. Truthfully, I’ve never been a huge leopard fan. But I do like the 1960s vibe the print has. (Think Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate.) But as for me, I never really saw myself wearing one till I came across some of the cutest leopard print coats…

leopard coat Chanel chain Boy bag, cutest leopard animal print coats

cutest leopard print coats

Packing for Paris meant it was time for me to track down the perfect leopard coat. Luckily there are SO many out there with so many different fits and patterns. (And on another note — if you’re in search of an amazingly soft and REAL LOOKING fur, check out this brand. Don’t they look amazing?)

leopard coat, sheer sparkling dress

As for which one I picked, I went with this one. It keeps selling out but luckily it’s still available here. And when I was searching for the sheer skirt, I actually found this sheer dress at Revolve. It was just what I was dreaming about and I simply layered it under this black cropped sweater so that it looked more like a skirt. (And I felt less naked!) Even though I did get stared at it was so fun to wear around the city! It had just the right amount of sparkle that would shine in the sunlight. Wouldn’t it be so cute in Vegas?

leopard jacket with black jeans

For more of a casual look, this coat pairs perfectly with jeans too. This pair from J Brand is a personal favorite of mine and I always wear them when I travel. Looking for more of the cutest leopard print coats? Just scroll down to shop!