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open back yellow polka dot dress, sunflower field

A couple weeks ago we went in search of sunflowers.  It all started when I was scrolling through Instagram and randomly came across a repost of a field of sunflowers.  To my surprise this wasn’t like most beautiful far away places I see on Instagram, this was actually in my state!

After some Instagram DMs we set off on our adventure.  The only information we had to go on was that it was off Highway 81.  Since we didn’t know the exact area we made a Saturday road trip out of it.  We started in the cutest city (Guthrie, Oklahoma) that I hadn’t been to since I was a kid.  After getting a great cup of joe at the local coffee shop/roaster, we strolled through the charming downtown before hitting the road again in search of the sunflowers.  About an hour later we knew we had to be close…

sunflowers, yellow polka dot dress

And then I spotted them — I was amazed how HUGE the field was!  Sunflowers as far as the eye could see.  It was like a movie!  Except for the wind, I would love to show you all the outtakes, haha.  I’m pretty sure my hair was covering my face in about 90% of our shots.  But I’m not going to lie, the breeze felt great on such a hot Oklahoma day!

polka dot dress with slit

fashion blogger sunflower field fashion blog sunflower field yellow polka dot dress, sunflowers

Topshop polka dot open back dress

What really helped to inspire the sunflower shoot was this Topshop polka dot open back dress.  Doesn’t it have the best details?  From the slit in the front to the open back, this dress is so different and eye-catching.  If polka dots aren’t your thing, it comes in a stripe version too.  I ordered it from Nordstrom during a hot day when all I was craving was fall fashion.  They have some of the cutest pieces to get you in the fall mood.  One of my favorite sections to shop is the trend section.  It offers trend pieces that are usually at a lower price point so you won’t have to splurge to get something on trend!