Politics + Fashion

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I never discuss politics on AiW.  (And I never will.)  It’s just not what I ever saw this blog/creative space being about. AiW was always meant to be dreamy, fashionably inspiring, with a bit of real life in between. But I must say today’s look was inspired by something some might think is political… even though I don’t find it to be!

Today’s accessories are from Rebecca Minkoff who at fashion week launched a campaign called “I AM MANY.”  It’s a celebration of women, our many roles, and the fact that together we can do anything.  You’ll have to head over to my Instagram to see what I said though, haha…

red Ganni dress Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag

(Loving the new Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag!)

Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag, white booties

Why I’m so proud to be a part of this, is that growing up I knew I could be anything I wanted to be. (Even though as women sometimes we are made to feel that is not the case.)  Which is why I love looking to female entrepreneur like Rebecca Minkoff to show the world that it can be done.  Because let me tell you, running a blog can be a rollercoaster of excitement, letdowns, euphoria and worry… all in the same day.  But that’s life too, right?

Ganni dress, white booties, black Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag

black Rebecca Minkoff Edie bag

Join the movement and let’s celebrating women as the complex, multidimensional beings we are. Be yourself and be celebrated!

For me that means wearing whatever I feel like… even if white boots in the fall seems odd.  And yes, they are consider to be “in” right now… but I can guarantee you, I would wear them even if they weren’t!  Which is why I LOVE fashion. It’s a way to just be yourself.