what to wear to a football game + the last (and only) one I’ve gone to

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This week I found myself in Norman, Oklahoma and was reminded of the first (and only) collegiate football game I ever attended. So let me back up… I started at the University of Oklahoma but ended up transferring to a smaller college because OU didn’t offer the degree program I was after. (Well it did but their art education was a 6 year degree and only a 4 year degree at Oklahoma City University.  So you can see why I left!)

what to wear to an OU football game

While at OU all my friends would always go to the football games but I never had much interest. I’m just not into sports. I’m not against people who are — it’s just not my thing! Well… one day they finally convinced me to go. As we get to the stadium it starts to get a little dark outside but it didn’t look like it was going to storm… but it did. So after being there for only 15, 20 minutes it started to POUR. And I wasn’t having it. My friends stayed while I walked all the way back to a friend’s house in the rain.  By myself! By the time I got there I was soaked and my nylon Prada bag was full of water. (Literally… it was like a bucket of water!) And that would be the first (and last) ever college football game I attended.  But at least I know what I would wear if I ever went back…

OU game, football game fashion


But I’ll definitely go to a watch party… especially if there’s queso!

So with the football season starting back up I thought I should do a what-to-wear to a football game post. And specifically for my Oklahoma readers a what-to-wear to an OU football game outfit. This rib tank dress is great for the summer but will be even better to layer with a jacket this fall. And it comes in many more colors, especially if crimson (and cream) isn’t YOUR thing.

football game outfit

So are you really into college sports? Am I just the only weirdo who isn’t? Let me know!  And shop more tank dresses below…