the shoe brand you MUST know about

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I’m an accessories kind of girl.*  (*Like these Schutz Mesh heels!)

You can wear the most plain tee shirt with jeans and still make it look off the runway with your accessories.  That’s why I’m a true believer in higher end shoes and bags.  You will always get the best CPW out of them.  (And if you didn’t know CPW stands for “cost per wear” but more on that another time.)

Let’s get to the shoes!  These mesh heels are so unique, different, and chic.  From the second I bought them, I started planning outfits in my head.  For instance, since they are sparkly and made of suede wouldn’t they be cute for holiday parties??  Yes, I’m already thinking that far ahead!  I can’t help it.

On this night I wore them with this peplum top for a sushi date with my husband…

Schutz Mesh sandals, styling schutz mesh heels black peplum button top, Jules Smith Crescent Lariat Necklace

Regarding this top, it’s part of a trend I’m seeing everywhere — fitted cropped peplum tops.  And before you freak out, I don’t mean like 90s “cropped tops” it’s just cut higher than the longer fit you might be used to having.  These tops are best paired with high rise jeans, like the pair I’m wearing here.  They are my new OBSESSION!  I’m wearing both trends in this post here.

styling schutz mesh heels with frayed jeans black tie sleeve top, Gucci Marmont quilted bag schutz mesh heels

But let’s get to what the title of this post is really about…

The shoe brand you MUST know about!

Schutz is one of my favorite shoe brands.  It’s because they make expensive looking high quality shoes for around $200.  Honestly they are just as beautiful as my Louboutins and Jimmy Choos!  And as fashionable too.  And they happen to be killing it this season —  there are so many I want right now.  The top ones on my list are these clear vinyl and leather pumps and these mesh knot booties(And if you love the mules I’m wearing then you’ll love the bootie version!  It was soooo hard for me to decide which pair to get.)

In a shoe shopping mood?  Here are some more of my favorite pairs of Schutz shoes and I want to know… have you worn Schutz before?