Would you wear it? (Belt bag/fanny pack trend)

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Sharing one of the most controversial accessories EVER…

The fanny pack is back.  (Or if you’re in the UK, the bum bag.)  But no matter where you are it’s now being marketed as a BELT BAG.  So what do you all think of it?  I asked for your honest opinion over on Instagram Stories and I must say it was around 50/50.  Honestly I was not a fan when Carrie wore it on Sex and the City, but now I’ve changed my mind and I’m giving the fanny pack – bum bag – belt bag a try…

Styling a Gucci belt bag

First of all I must say the bag is extremely convenient.  On our trip to Pacific City/Seattle there were often times I had my camera in one hand and my phone in the other, so it was nice not to have be thinking about my bag too.  I went ahead and splurged on the Gucci version, because first of all Gucci is KILLING it right now.  And secondly, because we have a big trip coming up in the fall and I thought it would come in handy.  And thirdly because the bag is DETACHABLE from the belt so I like that it can be carried as a clutch too.

striped duster, Gucci belt bag, how to style a belt bag

When I saw this striped duster during the #Nsale preview I KNEW it would be perfect for this belt bag… and I think I was right.  (And btw those slides are on sale too!)


how to wear a Gucci belt bag, striped duster

striped duster, Nordstrom Annual Sale

Gucci belt bag

This Tory Burch Collins watch is over $100 off during the Nordstrom sale!

plaid blazer, Nordstorm Anniversary Sale

And remember this outfit from Instagram Stories?  I called it my “80s soccor mom outfit” and you thought that’s what I looked like too!  Well even if you don’t style it this way, this blazer is perfect for going into fall and it’s part of the Nordstrom sale too.


Be honest guys, would you wear the belt bag?  Let me know!