streets of San Miguel de Allende

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Have you heard of San Miguel de Allende before? I had but really knew nothing about it.  But when Lauren of A Lo Profile and Lynlee of Gal About Town said they were going and invited me I couldn’t say no!  And after a quick google search I saw a beautiful city with charming streets, delicious restaurants, and a hotel that looked it was from the pages of Architectural Digest.

Streets of San Miguel de Allende

I’ll be sharing more about the hotel we stayed at soon, but for today’s post I want to focus on all the COLOR the city has to offer. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the downtown area has extremely strict building codes that ensure the cultural integrity and colonial authenticity of this city. Which means that buildings can only be certain colors and that they have to keep their colonial style.

What that means for the rest of us is that we are gifted with a darling and charming city. I mean every building we saw was PERFECT.  And my favorite part about the buildings… rooftop terraces. All of the roofs were flat and had AMAZING seating areas and even restaurants and lounges.

As in the photographs below — this was taken at the restaurant on top of the Rosewood Hotel…

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san miguel de allende square fashion bloggers San Miguel de Allende

How could we not be smiling with flower crowns in our hair?

(Btw the crowns weren’t planned at all!  There was a local vendor selling them in the square.  I wore mine all throughout the trip.)

san miguel de allende cafe streets

How cute is this street cafe?

Friends and Lovers pink lace dress, streets of san miguel de allende

My favorite dress from the trip!

As you can see the city is just adorable.  I can’t wait to return with husband and show him all the amazing restaurants we discovered.  Also the shopping is REALLY GOOD and extremely inexpensive.  I found this huge agate bowl I had been wanting for my coffee table for only $375.  (It’s more like $1500 in the states!) Whenever we move I want to plan a trip just to decorate my new home!  Now I just have to hope shipping doesn’t cost a fortune… 

Have you heard of San Miguel?  Let me know!