how to look forward to Mondays

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I’m not one to dole out advice, except of course when it comes to fashion.  However, there is one other thing I’m good at… Mondays.  Yes we all sort of dread them, but secretly I’ve always kind of liked them.  Maybe it’s the routine of it.  I’ve always preferred Sundays to Saturdays, because generally they are lazy and then rushed at night because you’re trying to get everything ready for the week.  And I love to look forward to a busy week.

ruffle hem yellow dress, black suede over the knee boots

(Wore this outfit on our trip to Seattle where it was 60 degrees!  But to style this dress for summer just pair with strappy sandals and then boots this fall.)

yellow ruffle dress, black gucci bag, over the knee black boots, how to look forward to Mondays

How to look forward to Mondays

That being said, working at home means the days run together. Especially if your job is kind of your life and vise versa.  Because of this I have to get on more of a “mental” schedule.  One that gets me organized for the week.  Since I have a tendency to be messy (very messy in fact) this is something I truly struggle with but that I continue to work on.  Besides me trying to get over my messiness, here are a couple things I do that make me love the work week…

  1. To do liststhere is NOTHING more satisfying then checking something off of a list.  I make one for things I need to do that day and for the whole week.  And I use actual paper + pen.
  2. ExerciseSeriously… just do it.  Nothing helps you more mentally + physically than a good workout.  Find something you like and try to do it almost everyday.  I PROMISE it changes everything.  (And this is coming from someone who used to hate working out.  Now I look forward to yoga, HIIT, or just a good old fashion long walk.)
  3. Full FridgeOn the weekend plan out your meals.  It doesn’t have to every single meal, just have some kind of game plan on what your meals will look like during the week.  Then you don’t have to think about it, or eat something unhealthy because you’re in a hurry.  Or try a food delivery service.  We love the meal kit Green Chef or Nourish Meals for already prepared food.
  4. Clean House — (NO I DON’T FOLLOW MY OWN RULE!!)  But I really really really want to.  This is the one I can’t seem to master, because clutter doesn’t bother me like other people.   I know it needs to change though so I’m GOING to get better dang it.  Clean house, clean mind.  Well, I guess that tells you about my mind, haha.

one shoulder yellow ruffle dress

While you can’t wear this yellow ruffle dress to work, it would be really cute for the weekend…

black gold studded slides

And another way to love Mondays… love what you wear. 

Start the week out in your favorite outfit.  I know an office appropriate outfit might not be your favorite but color can certainly help.  In almost every culture in the world yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth.  Why not start off your week wearing outfits that make you happy!  While this yellow dress (and this one) probably won’t work for your Monday, these tops below are work appropriate and pretty darn cheerful.  (And you can save these dresses for the weekend!)

Also this yellow/marigold color is going to be pretty popular for going into fall.  If you’ve never been into yellow you might give it a try.  It might even trick you into liking Mondays…