cutest ruffled gingham dress + why I need to learn Spanish

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Hola friends!  I’m writing from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico so I felt I should go ahead and greet you in Spanish.  Funny fact — most of my family members speak Spanish… except for me.  My husband’s side is fluent (his father is from Peru) and my mother is fluent as well.  She was a Spanish teacher when I was growing up but I decided to rebel and learn French.  (Cuz I’m wild like that.)  Now, of course, I’m kicking myself and wishing I would have learned Spanish instead!  My husband and I joke if we ever have kids I better learn because the whole family will be able to talk about me… and I wouldn’t even know!

But back to San Miguelle…  I’m so excited to be on a girl’s trip in a new city.  Honestly, I didn’t know much about this place but I’m so happy to be here discovering its beauty.  Be sure to follow along this week on Instagram because I’m posting our entire trip on Stories.

And about this dress — you can’t go wrong with gingham.  You just can’t!  This little ruffled gingham dress is sweet, flirty, and down right girly.  It’s old but I linked to a new one JUST like it.

gingham ruffled dress, Gucci Marmont black bag ruffled, tiered gingham back of gingham ruffled dressback of ruffled gingham dress