Denim two ways with Lucky + Macys

Sponsored by Macy’s

Summer fashion is all about ease. Dressing comfortably while staying stylish is always the trick. I’m sure you’ve noticed I tend to wear mostly off the shoulder outfits in the spring/summer months. I just LOVE the way they look and it covers up my arms which I’ve always been self-conscious about. Also, they are just more interesting than a short sleeve tee. And I feel like EVERYONE looks good in an off the shoulder top. Don’t you?

blue off the shoulder top off the shoulder blue top, gucci bag

That’s why I love this cute little top from Lucky Brand. It looks just as cute with black jeans as it does with denim cutoffs. You might just think of Lucky as just a denim brand but that’s so not true! This top is from them, along with the jeans and shorts. While they still make denim you should also check out what else the brand has to offer at Macy’s. I think you’ll be surprised! They had the cutest romper I wanted to show you but it sold out before I could grab it… don’t you hate when that happens?

Lucky off the shoulder top, black jeans off the shoulder blue top, cutoffs off the shoulder blue Lucky top, cutoff shorts off the shoulder blue top Lucky Brand fashion off the shoulder tee, black Lucky denim

And about the jeans… I swear one of the most worn clothing items in my closet is a pair of perfectly fitting black denim. They can be worn with absolutely everything and they are so flattering. They are a wardrobe must have — as are the cutoffs. Summer calls for cutoffs and I’ll be living in them all summer long. I love styling them with a summer sweater or with my swimsuit. Wearing them is a sign of summer. As are cutoffs paired with swimsuits. There’s nothing more summery!

What summer item can you not live without? For me, it’s an off the shoulder top and cutoff shorts. Let me know and check out this entire outfit at Macy’s! Have you shopped Lucky Brand lately? #MacysLucky