best tee shirt dress + house update

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This is the summer of getting stuff done. And as far as our home is concerned we’re moving on with the renovation/redecoration. It’s been a slow process (mainly because I’ve put it off) but it’s now full speed ahead.

So far we’ve done our bathroom countertops, bedroom floors, and crown molding. Next up are new windows, kitchen counters, and redoing our patio. I was going to have someone come stain the patio but then decided to just paint it myself. That might sound crazy to think about this champagne sipping, designer loving, clothing obsessed girl out in the heat with a paintbrush… but I really enjoy it! I like that it’s a project that I can visually see from the beginning to the end.  (Because that’s something I struggle with… finishing things!)

Monrow tee dress

I love to have a million projects going at once but find it hard to finish them. Painting is something I’ve always liked, whether it’s an artistic endeavor on a canvas or just a bare wall.  And honestly, I’m impatient.  When I want something done, I-WANT-IT-DONE-NOW!

One clothing item that always gets the job done is the essential tee shirt dress.  It’s a piece you must have in your closet.  There are so many different versions in so many prices but let me share with you one that is the absolute best.  This Monrow tee shirt dress, aka the “drop shoulder dress,” is like wearing a loose fitting tee tucked into a slim fitting skirt.

green tee shirt dress, Monroe dress

As far as fit, order for how you want it to fit your body.  I ordered the small because I wanted it a bit looser, but when I order it in the black I’ll go with a XS but I’ll want that color more tight fitting.  It’s definitely a date to night dress with the simple switch of accessories… and it’s really soft and comfortable too.

best tee shirt dress

This Monrow tee shirt dress comes in two colors… believe me when I tell you I’m order the black one too. It’s seriously the best tee shirt dress!

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Do you love tee shirt dresses too?  What about home stuff?  Do you hire out or try to do it yourself.  For me, I do the painting but everything else is left to the experts!  Trust me you don’t want me around a saw… (insert crying emoji.)