pom poms please

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With the 4th coming up I had to share this backless blue pom pom dress.  I wanted to wait and post it in my San Miguel de Allende travel guide buuuuut it’s taking me longer that I thought to finish it.  It’s because I keep remembering things I need to add!   I completely fell in love with the city and I’m so excited to share all the photos with you all.

As for this outfit it’s definitely coming with me to Miami.  Next week R and I are off for some much needed vacation.  I’m so ready for some good food and lazy pool time.  We haven’t been to there in forever so I’m going to need all the recommendations you guys can give me.  I’m still not sure where we’re staying either, so let me know if you have a favorite hotel too!

But back to this backless blue pom pom dress…

Isn’t this dress E V E R Y T H I N G?  I’m so obsessed with the back.  And since it’s not possible to have too many pom poms I paired it with this pom pom bag.  It’s a bit of a pom pom overload but for a vacation look you can’t have too much!  And speaking of too much if you love this dress so much you want more it comes in 4 colors.  Obviously I love the blue one but that’s because blue is one of my favorite colors.  Which color would you pick?

Do you love the pom pom trend too?  Let me know!


Photographs by Vanessa Chavez