silk scarf for summer two ways

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I’ve never worn a scarf around my neck that wasn’t for warmth purposes.  I have plenty of wool scarves for the winter and over sized shawl type scarves for when I travel.  But I’ve never had one that was strictly for fashion purposes.  So before I take the plunge into buying a classic Hermes silk scarf I’m trying out this skinny tie silk scarf from Madewell.  It’s so inexpensive, that even if I only wear it only once, I won’t care!

wearing a silk scarf, white newsboy cap

silk scarf for summer two ways

How to style a summer silk scarf… First I styled it around my neck with a simple knot.  It was my version of a necklace but with a skinny tie silk scarf.  I felt so French!  And then since I’m hat obsessed I added this white cap.  (It comes in 5 colors FYI and I’m wanting them all!) 

white ruffle sleeve top, red neck scarf

But later since it was so hot, I tried using it as a hair tie.  There’s a picture in my AiWinspiration Instagram of a girl with a blue scarf in her hair.  That’s where I got the idea.  I can’t wait to try out different ways to tie my hair up with this scarf.  Especially when we head to the beach next month.

silk scarf styled two ways for summer

white ruffle sleeve tee, red bandana

Another way I love seeing a silk scarf styled is tied around a bag.  I’ve always adored that look!  I should have tried it with this bag but simply forgot.   Just wait, I’m sure you will see it like that coming up in a new post!

So I have to ask… do you wear silk scarves?   How do you like to style them?