Being a bag lady + Best places to consign

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I like to call myself a self proclaimed bag lady because it’s my absolute favorite accessory!  If you can splurge on one piece make it a bag.  I love shoes too but they just don’t hold up like a handbag does.  And when you’re ready to buy another one, you can always consign it and use it towards a new bag.

best place to consign, bag resell, silver shoes

Best places to consign

If you’ve never sold anything before there are so many easy ways to do it.  I love and use Poshmark, eBay, and Tradesy.  There’s also The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective which I haven’t consigned with but love to shop at.  All of these places offer an easy way to sell your bag, shoes, or any kind of fashion piece when you’re ready to move on.  (I also know there are many bloggers who sell on Depop but I’ve never tried it before.)

pleated summer dress, silver heels

My last big splurge

Speaking of bags this Valentino was an extremely big bag splurge for me… and my first Valentino ever!  I’ve been so happy with it and while I love it the color is a little tricky.  Finding shoes to go with it has been harder than I thought.  But these striking silver shoes not only work with it but also bring out the little studs on the bag.  It’s a flashier look than I’m used to wearing but I think I love it…

pleated spagetti strap dress, Valentino bag, silver shoes

Pleated summer dress

And about the dress… I hate to do this to you all… but it sold out just as I was posting this!  So I’m linking to this one because it’s so similar and because I love it too!  And unlike the shoes and bag it’s not a splurge piece.

Do you all sell your accessories too?  If you’re looking to start I suggest trying out Poshmark or eBay and message me if you have any questions!