His + Her Haircare

Haircare is a big deal in our household. I’m constantly bleaching, thickening, or conditioning mine.  My husband on the other hand, must get his trimmed (and thinned) every couple of weeks because it grows so quickly.  Basically, we have completely different issues but both require some above normal maintenance and choosing the proper products.

I love trying out new hair products and this time I wanted to share with you the latest ones that I’m using almost every day.  With all that I do to my locks, it’s important for me not to wash my hair every day.  But that doesn’t mean I’m rocking a ponytail on those off days!

You’ve heard me talk about how much I love dry shampoo and recently I’ve been using got2b’s newest offering… Fresh it Up.  It’s the company’s very first aerosol dry shampoo!  I prefer the Clean & Refresh formula but it also comes in Tropical Boost and Floral Touch.  Use it when you accidentally sleep in or to bring your hair back in line after a workout.  I especially like the texture it adds to my hair.  It’s why dry shampoo is always a must-have product in my repertoire.

göt2b Phenomenal mens hair products

And regarding my husband’s hair, he’s been using and loving got2b’s phenoMENal Fiber Cream to keep his mane under control.  And if your guy has a beard, tell him to try the Beard & Hair Shampoo along with the Conditioning Oil.  (He’s trying to grow his out again after shaving it off!)  I hate it when his beard gets scratchy so appreciate a good product that helps keep it soft.

göt2b Phenomenal mens haircare

Interested in learning more about got2b and their product line?  Check out their Instagram for more exciting info on all the new products!  And shop the complete line at Walmart.