white accessory trends for spring

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I’m going through a dreary time… with the weather, that is.  It feels like I haven’t seen the sun in a month!  (Ok, it’s been more like a couple days.)  But because of it I’ve been relying on fashion to perk me up.  Monday I was all about the not-so-mello-yellow and today I want to share what color accessory you need this spring.

White accessory trends for spring

How do you wear white accessory trends for spring?  To make it easy, just switch up one of your usual accessories for a white one.  Or be like me and make all your accessories bright and white!

spring statement bag, bright white sunglasses

Styling white sunglasses

I always get so many compliments on these sunglasses and it’s because they make my outfits instantly stand out.  Aren’t they so cheerful and fun?  Plus the store I linked to is selling them for almost $200 less than they should be!  #score

dark red ribbed dress, white leather lace up sandals

White shoe trends

While these amazing lace up sandals I’m wearing are sold out in white, I still wanted to wear them to show you what white shoes add to an outfit.   These white pumps have been popular, along with these textured slides that I’ve shared on my Insta Stories.  Which pair would you wear?

Zac Zac Posen mini bag, spring mini bags

White bag trends

I couldn’t believe how quickly this bag sold out.  Just looking at it you see why!  What’s amazing about it, is that the flowers are actually movable.  If you have to have it, it’s still available in black or this one is very similar too.  Looking for more white bags?  Click here to see the best selection of white bags.  (This little one is on my wish list!) 

white flower bag, white lace up sandals, red fitted long sleeve dress

Would you wear white accessories

These pieces are all about standing out.  Do you like white accessories?  Or are you more comfortable with neutrals?  Try to think of bright white as the new neutral and let these bold accessories update any and every outfit.  Happy shopping!

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