styling a spring duster with jeans… when it’s not spring

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You can never plan everything so you might as well learn to roll with the punches.  That includes cooking, work, travel, and most recently the weather.  I had been monitoring the NYC weather forecast like a hawk a couple weeks before our trip.  There were so many cute spring pieces I was looking forward to taking on our trip!  For example, I wanted to share how I’m styling a spring duster with jeans for you all.  So before we left, the weather looked great and I packed everything I planned to and off we went.

Then I heard the word snow… 

styling a spring duster with jeans Valentino quilted rockstud bag

Generally I would do anything for it to snow.  I’ll eternally be that kid that dreams of a snow day.  (Even though I work from home!)  But this time I was worried because I hadn’t exactly packed accordingly.  Thankfully THIS trench coat really saved the day.  It was the only warm thing I brought with me and it really helped break the crazy wind that rolled into the city.  And despite the cold I had planned on wearing this spring duster outfit and the weather wasn’t going to stop me.  I had originally envisioned sitting at a little cafe in my duster while we people watched all afternoon.  With some luck (and after the snow had passed) I did just that… and layered it with my trusty trench.  Seriously that thing was a lifesaver!

styling a duster with jeans, pink valentino rockstud bag,

Love this duster?  It comes in 2 other colors too!

free people duster, pink valentino rockstud bag mom jeans with a dress wine, valentino bag

I can’t wait to share some more photos from our trip and where we stayed, but until then check out my Instagram!