Always have something to look forward to + styling a blush suede jacket

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Everyone needs something to look forward to.  (*And a blush suede jacket.)  It could be the weekend, a good movie, a new book, girls night out, or date night.  We all just need something that keeps us going.  I’ve notice that the busier I am the happier I am… which probably isn’t necessarily the best thing.  (I’m working on it!)  My nature is to just GO GO GO and I really need to learn to stop and “smell the roses” sometimes.

This happens especially when we travel.  When we were in NYC it was soooo cold and windy.  (It felt like I brought the wind from Oklahoma!)  Part of doing outfit photos sometimes is just finding the perfect location, freezing my bum off and rushing to get the perfect shot so I can get back indoors.  On this day we’re staying at the Mondrian Park Avenue (it was amazing, pics coming up next week) and we had wanted to get pictures on their huge outdoor terrace that overlooks Park Ave.  Normally I would be yelling to hurry and get the shot… but look at this view.  You can’t ignore this amazing skyline!

blush pink floral wrap dress, pink valentino bag, styling a blush suede jacket

So for a second we stopped and looked at all the buildings and dreamy terraces that lined the sky.  I imagined what it would be like to live in one, and throw fabulous dinner parties… aaaand then the cold breeze hit us and snapped me back into reality.  But for a second I got lost in the city instead of being absorbed in what I was doing.  And it made me so thankful to be able to have this job and to thank you all for allowing me to share my dreamland!

blush floral print dress, Valentino quilted rockstud pink floral wrap dress

BUT since this is about fashion let’s get to the outfit!

Styling a blush suede jacket is so easy because this color looks good with everything.  If you love a black/brown leather jacket in the winter think of this jacket as your spring version.  Since spring tends to still be on the cold side, this layering piece is perfect over little dresses and tees.  And speaking of dresses, this one would be so pretty for a birthday, luncheon, or shower.  I wore something just like it recently to the Make A Wish Luncheon.

spring fashion, blush suede jacket

This blush suede jacket is such a great little layer for staying warm on cold spring nights.  Comes in all the colors above too!  

pink floral wrap dress, blush Valentino quilted rockstud bag, styling a blush suede jacket

Head over to my Instagram Stories today to see this jacket in detail and feel free to DM me with any questions.  Have a great weekend friends!