Get glowing year round

When you’re glowing, it shows. And I don’t know about you but when my skin glows I stand up a little straighter and my smile lasts a little longer. It’s an instant confidence booster! Besides getting a spray tan there’s another way to get luminous skin year-round…

First, take the #TiltTest. Is your moisturizer giving you a natural glow? Find out by letting your skin catch the light. Does your skin look dull?  That’s because healthy skin needs to be hydrating to shine. Olay Cleansing Infusion leaves behind extra moisturizer on my skin and always leaves it properly hydrating and glowing.

In my line of work my skin must always look its best. Even when it’s freezing outside, my spring outfit photo shoots can’t wait! With Olay Cleansing Infusion my skin is always ready when I am… is yours?

Go ahead and take your own #TiltTest!

Tilt your face, legs, shoulders, or arms into the light and let me know what you see. Like I mentioned, one of my goals for AiW this year is to talk more about beauty and beauty products I’m so excited to share products that really do make a difference. Olay constantly surprises me, and I have the results to back it up. You too can get your glow with Olay Cleansing Infusion from Wal-Mart here.