Striped head to top + one last giveaway

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How was your Valentine’s Day?  Was it just another day?  It kind of was for me too — minus the donuts.  I had one for breakfast and after dinner.  I usually eat pretty healthfully but Valentine’s is the day to treat yourself, right?  (Btw if you’re in OKC you must check out Holey Rollers in Paseo!  Love the vanilla lavender donut and the fritters.) 

Instead of fighting the crowds, we’re going out tonight.  Thursday has always been date night for us anyway.  But lets get back to Valentine’s Day because it was the last day of my #AiwValentinesDayGiveaways!  And in case you missed it, over on Instagram I’m giving away this little red Eartha bag from Zac Posen!  Isn’t it adorable?!  It’s small enough to be part of the mini bag trend but big enough to handle your essentials like your iPhone.  Plus it comes with 2 straps (both are removable) and can be worn like a crossbody.

I’m such a huge Zac fan so I can’t tell you how excited I am to host this Zac Posen red bag giveaway.  My current favorite is the star backpack you keep seeing me carry.  It’s just so different than most of my bags!  Really all of his bags are amazing and I love that I’m getting to share it with you.

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Mushy post time — I want to let you all know from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate your support and letting me share my life and passion for fashion with you!  These giveaway have been my little way of saying thank you. 

And don’t miss all of the other giveaways — just search the hashtag #AiwValentinesDayGiveaways on Instagram to catch all six!