Behind the camera – Guys Valentine’s Day gift guide


I always get asked who takes my photos.  For those of you who might not know it’s my husband!  You have no idea how wonderful it is for him to be able to take be my photographer.  I love getting to work with him and feel so lucky that he can drop everything when I need him to help me.  But today I’m putting him in front of the camera!

Even though photography is not his day job, he has really gotten into it and enjoys learning all he can about the field.  So, this Valentine’s Day I thought I would surprise him with an early gift to thank him for all that he does.  (I couldn’t do this without him!)

Being a big techie, my husband is always interested in all the newest gadgets, so I scratched the usual box of chocolates or sweater and instead I picked out this Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch.  Aside from being a stylishly rugged watch it also integrates with his phone to allow him to receive messages, calendar alerts, and all sorts of notifications.  And if your guy is into fitness he can track his info through Google Fit.

Between his day job and helping me run Allyson in Wonderland, he is constantly bombarded with endless tasks to manage.  The Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch lets him stay on top of his busy life… especially when he’s doing a shoot with yours truly!  It’s a fashionable way for him to stay connected even when he’s away from his computer…

photographer Allyson in Wonderland, Diesel On Touchscreen SmartwatchDiesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch notificationbehind the camera, Allyson in Wonderland, Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch Allyson in Wonderland, husband photographer, Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch Allyson in Wonderland husband, Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch

If your guy loves tech like mine check out these other great tech gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.  And I’ll let you know that they are all husband-approved products… especially that amp speaker!

Headphones /// Turntable /// Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatch /// Backpack /// Speaker