blogger insecurities, aging, and haircuts

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This was not the post I planned to write today.  Normally I like to kick off the week with a perky and happy post.  Which is what this becomes, but first we’re going to have to get honest about insecurities.  Specially blogger insecurities. 

As you can probably tell I cut my hair.  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal.  I’ve had every hairstyle known to man.  (Long, short, black, red, blonde, brown, etc.)  I’ve done just about everything and found that I PERSONALLY love being blonde.  My complexion just looks better when I’m a blonde.  And if I’m completely honest with you, bleaching my hair makes it feel thicker.  And yes I know that’s because it’s damaged but hey, whatever works!  So I loved the color but not the cut.  And for a dumb reason…

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Last night I had a mini meltdown.  I thought my new hair do made me look old. 

I was really anxious that day.  (I’ve always had anxiety.)  So I told my husband what I was worried about and like every good man, he rolled his eyes at my worry.  But as I kept rambling I realized what was really bothering me.  I wasn’t worried about what people think — I was worried about my business.  Blogging is a rollercoaster of a job. You never know what’s around the next turn.  Which I normally I thrive on — it just makes me want to work harder!  But with this I couldn’t do anything about it.

blogger insecurities

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Aging happens to all of us and obviously it’s better than the alternative!

My husband’s extremely logical thought was just to have my extension redone and I would be fine.  Because 5 inches of hair shouldn’t send you into a meltdown, right?  And you don’t just age overnight.  Everything is purely perception and my shorter hair made me perceive that I was getting old and no one would want to work with me.  Which brings me to why I love blogging…

black white dress, star bag zac posen

Blogging is for everyone.

You can find a blogger for any and every kind of niche.  It’s amazing and inspiring!  And this comforted me completely.  Because growing up my mom raised me to not care what people think… and I never have.  Thank you Mom for making me the strong woman I am today!

black white dress, zac posen star bag star bag, black white dress

And for the moral of the story…

Do what makes you happy.  Rock a shaved head if that’s your thing.  If I go back to long hair it’s because it made me happy and not because I feel like I had to do it.  If you’re new to blogging don’t let insecurities stop you.  DON’T.  Do it and show what makes you special.  I started blogging because of my genuine love of putting together an outfit.  I love to go out and have a good time but I almost love getting ready MORE.  Put on something that makes you want to go out and present your best self… it doesn’t get better than that.  And trust me somedays I feel like the best version of myself is in a ripped up pair of denim and sneakers.  It’s that passion for fashion that will always keep me going and inspire me to help inspire you.

black white spring dress

So love yourself, people.

So if that isn’t a good thought to kick off the week, I don’t know what is!