how to look put together… even when you’re not

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I’m not going to lie.  The last couple weeks have been ROUGH.  I’ve gotta say, 2018 you’re already off to a bad start.  My husband got the flu, I now have something I’m hoping is not the flu, and my Gran has spinal stenosis.  It started with her lower back hurting towards the end of last year and about 3 weeks ago it took a turn for the worse.  Her pain has been so debilitating that she’s unable to get out of bed.  It’s been beyond heartbreaking.  The good news is that she had some injections which have helped and we’re just taking it day by day.

During all of this I have barely left the house.  Besides our trip to Las Vegas, I’ve been a total homebody.  But it has also made me think a little bit more about fashion in an utilitarian way.  When you’re in a hurry what do you wear?  When you’re exhausted what do you wear?  Those kinds of thoughts have made me want to focus on the essentials for a bit instead of which dress I’m obsessed with at the moment.

So today’s outfit is my best example of how to look put together… even when you’re not!

how to look put together always


5 pieces to look put together

A trusted jacket — I have this moto jacket in five colors because it always completes my outfit.  Plus it’s much less expensive than most other leather jackets.

white peplum top, blush leather jacket

White tee/top — This peplum top is actually a white tee with an amazing hem.  It looks just as cute on its own or under a jacket like I’m wearing here.

Black pants/jeans — These jeans I’ve mentioned MANY times before and for good reason, due to their ability to make you look like you lost 5 pounds is always a winner.  They’re also super comfy and can be styled for day or night.

cream suede jacket, perfect black pants

Black heels/mules — As for these heels, these black suede mules are new to my closet and are quickly becoming favorites due of their ability to be styled with just about anything.

Black bag — And this bag needs no explanation.  I’m Gucci obsessed right now.  (Ps. – A post about scoring designer bags for less is coming soon!

cream suede leather jacket, white peplum tee

Do you have go-to pieces in your closet?  This cream suede moto jacket will be mine all the way till summer.  I can’t wait to mix it with spring dresses!  What do you think?